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About Google Cache Checker

Most people who have or manage websites have this misconception that Google monitors every website continuously. Google does not operate like this; it visits every one of the websites on the internet based on its routine. It takes a preview of each website that it visits and stores it on its servers. If you run a Google cache checker direction, it reveals to you the date and time of ‘when did last visit a website’.

Utilizing this tool you can test 20 websites at a time. This tool decreases the time in delivering the customized analytic report to the clients. Anyone can easily know about the specific time and date that when the Google Cache of every URL was last modified. This tool also recognizes and detect different potential issues by deciding the status of each cache. Utilizing this tool is very simple, simply enter up to 5 domains and hit enter. You will get the results within seconds.

How does google cache's your web-page?

Google crawler takes a preview of the web-page and store in google database. The pages which are stored in the database called google cache. It demonstrates when was the last time Googlebot has been crawled and indicates how it is stored.

If Googlebot has just crawled your page, and if any new solicitation originates from webmaster it replaces the old version of the cached page with a new refreshed form of the cache.

Assume your website loads excessively slow or unable to get to the pages than google cache will demonstrate the stored version of a webpage to the user without getting to your server.

Googlebot crawler used to crawl web pages and archives. At the point when a crawler visits a webpage, it takes a preview of content, images, links, source codes and other elements stored in the database. At that point when a user searches for a webpage with a keyword, it quickly serves the saved results and ready to access cached pages a lot quicker.

The results which are accomplished are known as Google web archive files or it is called as WARC.

How to improve Google Cache?

If you need to expand the size of the cache in Google Chrome browser, at that point you will need to make changes in accordance with its settings. You need to right-click on Google Chrome shortcut to choose Properties option. presently, click on Alternate way appear on top of Properties window, click on Targeted field choice and push end key to make the cursor move to the bottom of the text. Type “disk-size-cache=10000000″ in the container to adjust cache size and afterward click on “OK”. Presently, close browser and reopen it to start using the new Google cache size.