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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewrite Tool is utilized to turn dynamic URLs into search engine friendly URLs. They regularly rank preferred in search engines than long complex URLs with lots of parameters, they are simpler to index in the first place and they likewise look great to remember to the end-user. This URL rewriting tool will create a .htaccess code to help you remove the dynamic URL from your site.

Dynamic URL is harmful to your SEO Score, the dynamic page makes when user performs certain task with the site, such as filling up form on the site, or performs some kind of search activity on the site, so such pages are not significant or nonexistential for search engines, as they crawl the site and index through links and not by filling up the forms, and our URL Rewrite Tool will help you out to eliminate these unnecessary dynamic URLs from your site and rank quicker in search results.

Why do we need to rewrite URL?

The best thing about rewriting the URL is that it helps in making a static URL. These can be effectively indexed by search engines and consequently higher search engine rankings can be achieved. Another best part about static URLs is that these are quite user-friendly. If you are searching for a cleaner and effectively readable URL, at that point you should send URL rewriting tool and enjoy its benefits. If you are working as an SEO expert or coding expert, at that point, this tool can demonstrate to be of great help and you will most likely spare a great deal of time. The first step to follow while utilizing this tool is to enter your website’s name and press submit button. When the submit button is pressed, you will get two types of information. 

Either it will be identified with a static URL or dynamic URL. You can utilize the information according to the requirement. A recent guideline from Google says that you should not to utilizing “&id=” as a parameter inside the URL. They have given a strong reason for this non-usage and that is they themselves don’t utilize such pages while indexing. Henceforth, if your website’s URL is having this parameter, at that point you must immediately rewrite the URL and make it search engine friendly just as simple to recollect.