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About Suspicious Domain Checker

AVG Antivirus Checker, otherwise called Suspicious Domain Checker, is a free website malware scanner brought to you by This most required security guard tool can be utilized to scan your website for all sorts of viruses and then notify you as site proprietor if it is free or not from viruses.

With the expanded number of people visiting your website, chances of your site getting infused by some viruses are extremely high. These viruses can either enter your site through your PC or by abhorrence disapproved of people, similar to programmers.

So it is prescribed that you scan your site consistently, just to make sure that your webpage is sheltered from viruses. 

How to shield A WordPress site From Malware or Virus Attacks?

As many websites are hosted on WordPress, in this manner here we've given some terribly accommodating tips to protect your WordPress web site from malware or virus attacks:

• Most viruses or infusions occur because of the associate degree outdated form of WordPress or Plugins. therefore at whatever point an associate degree update comes, ensure you don't create any reason for not refreshing!
• Most web site homeowners utilize the default username set by WordPress 'admin'. for correct security, utilize some particular usernames and not the default 'admin'.
• Never use pirated themes and plugins because of they contain malware and may unfold viruses to users. ensure that you just acquire themes and plugins from sure sources exclusively.

How to get a malware domain list?

This tool is designed as an online scanner that checks the websites of your advantage and shows the report about the level of safety they have. You can check a site for:

  • Suspicious scripts
  • Security risks
  • Malicious materials

You won't just observe whether the website has some hazardous content. In addition to this, you will get a full list of the pages that have been detected as affected ones. The level of danger will likewise have appeared to you in each and every single case. Therefore, you will have a full report about all the elements that bring any type of harm to your customers' computer and personal information.

There is no requirement for registration or download – the website can be utilized as an online tool absolutely for nothing whenever you may require it. Simply provide the link you might want to analyze and push the button. Everything else will be done for you by an application: it will scan the referenced site for malware in a matter of seconds. As should be obvious, the malware check can be quicker and simpler than you thought!