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About Page Size Checker

Page Size Checker, one of the many free SEO tools that SER has come up with. As you may get a thought from the name itself, you can utilize this convenient tool to find out the page size of any specific website page. This wonderful tool works as a magic tool that can be utilized to check the website size online.

Is your website taking longer than expected to load? Maybe, you should be concerned about the size of your website since it may bring about higher bounce rate as most users come up short on the tolerance as the web page is loading and in this manner, you first need to realize how to locate the size of a website. The size of an average small web page is roughly 12 KB that will probably load very quick. If there is overwhelming media on-page, the size will also be bigger and consequently, it will take more effort to load. Embedded media, including images, videos, audio and flash, etc.; tend to increase the page size.

First of all, for the health and execution of your website, you should realize how to find the size of a website. Good news is any website page size checker or page size inspector can fill the need.

How To Reduce Page Size and Reduce Loading Speed?

Upgrade your images by scaling them properly. It is obvious that a picture with 2000 X 2000 pixels would take too much time to load than an image with 200 X 200 pixels. So consistently scale your images before you transfer them to your site. You can also utilize free online image compression tools that decrease your image sizes without losing quality.

How to utilize our tool?

This website page size checker tool or page size inspector is extremely simple to utilize. If you are looking for a website page size checker to check website size online then our page size inspector is unquestionably the best choice out there that can support you. To utilize this tool, you simply need to enter the URL in the content box of the page which you need to inspect for page size and click on the “Check” button. Immediately, you will be indicated results that include the page size in bytes just as kilobytes.

Since you think enough about the website absolute size checker, its utilization and its significance to check website size online, you can attempt our page size investigator or website page size checker and leave us your feedback which is important to us for the improvement of our website.