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About Domain Age Checker

How old is your domain? For search engines old means stable, dependable, credible. Do you want to find one of these for your website? At that point, you completely need to utilize Domain Age Checker.

It’s common knowledge that old websites are more valid than new. A domain that worked with stability and confidence for quite a long while has a major incentive from search systems’ perspective.

Prior to buying a domain, or placing your website, or looking at your competitors, it’s important to check, how old are their domains. Enter their URL in Domain Age Checker content box and get the results.

How Domain age check works

  • Fill in the domain where you would want to check the age of.
  • Click Check and the domain age check will check the whois information.
  • View result and perceive how old a domain is and when it was registered.

Is Domain Age Importance?

The clear response to this question will be yes. Domain age is without a doubt significant for SEO or Google ranking. Among a few weighting factors that Google considers while ranking a website is the age of a domain. At the end of the day, to what extent a domain has been around being significant.

It merits thinking about that domain age doesn’t refer to what extent you have claimed a given website name, but rather to what extent, it’s been since Google initially indexed that domain. That is the reason many companies prefer to buy “aged domains” that have existed for some time to include an additional piece of Google oomph component. In any case, if a domain was registered some long days ago doesn’t mean that Google accepts it, Google probably indexed it.

How about we put it this way that even if a domain has been registered for a long time but did nothing more than that, at that point, it is same as you purchased the domain just yesterday.