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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Text Ratio Checker can help you measure the percentage of your actual text content without the other page components, including CSS, HTML tags and JavaScript. When you utilize the text ratio checker, you will most likely improve your SEO ranking because pages with higher text to code ratio is said to gain higher page rankings. Picking up views and visits on your website may be one of your vital needs for your marketing efforts and changes.

And to achieve, for this reason, you can utilize the Text Ratio Checker to get the results you are searching for, particularly when attempting to gain an insight on how you can improve your text content and its value for your users.

Significance of Code to Text Ratio Checker:

The code to text ratio is a significant part of your website. Truly, SEOs keep discussing this issue and its relevance on search engines. The code to text ratio has relevance on websites. The text on a website has to be applicable to its heading. Search engines check the text content of a website page and after that rank it.

In case you are unsure there is code to text ratio checker tools available on the internet. Use them if you think your website pages have a lot of code or text. Or you can check an individual page before you upload it to your site.

How much is this ratio significant?

According to the SEO specialists, this ratio isn't significant but it has its weight in the SEO. So if a company needs to finish in SERP, it must be perfect from all dimensions. Also utilizing more code in a web page slower website loading speed, hence it is directly identified with SEO.

The second Factor is the bounce rate. If you have less content in your blog post then definitely users will leave your website after just 3-4 minutes. What's more, Bounce rate is additionally considered by Google while ranking a website.

How to build this ratio?

Expanding code to text ratio means you need to include more text on your web page. As a webmaster, it is exceptionally difficult to make each and every page of the website content-rich. And web owners utilize various methods to compensate for this issue.

The first technique that is used to include content on a web page is to give a commenting system for website visitors. It is suggested, allow visitors to post a comment without registration. Additionally, there are different social plugins available that can help users with posting a comment without including any additional information. The most popular plugins are Facebook comment box, Google+ comment box and Disqus. Any review posted by users is additionally visible for search engines.

The second technique is to make a discussion on your website and show related threads on the posts where you need to include text. This won't just help you to get user reviews additionally website visitors will spend more time on your website.