What is broken links finder and how to use it

03/08/2023 4:26 PM by Admin in Broken links finder

Broken links can be a common issue for website owners. Broken links can be generated for so many reasons and are outdated URLs. Once you have recognized any broken links on your website, you can then take steps to fix them. Also, you can utilize the broken links finder tool to check the broken links on your website. Broken Link Finder is a free SEO tool it quickly scans your website for broken links. Broken links finder is a tool that assists website owners to recognize and troubleshoot broken links on their websites.

Broken links may be extremely difficult for web users and might result in poor user experience, resulting in lower search engine rankings and less traffic. Webseotoolz provides the broken links finder tool. You can use this tool to find and fix the broken links on your website.

How to use it:

Using a broken links finder is an easy process.

  • Go to

  • Select the backlinks finder

  • Just enter the website URL and click the submit button.

  • It will scan your website's internal and external links.

  • After the scan is complete, the broken links finder will show a report including all the broken links and other information such as the page where the link is located and the response code of the link.

Once you find broken links on your website, you can fix links manually or use some link-repairing tool to resolve them automatically. Here are a few benefits of this tool that are further explained below.


Benefits of Broken Links Finder Tool


Benefits of Broken Links Finder Tool

A broken link finder tool is a free tool that automatically scans the broken links on your website. There are some benefits of using broken links finder.

Easy to use:

The Broken Links Checker is a user-friendly tool. You just utilize that tool without any technical knowledge.

Improved credibility:

It can improve your website's reputation and trustworthiness.

Free to use:

Also, it is a free tool provided by webseotoolz. You can use this tool completely free and without any effort. Also, this is the best option for business owners who have a low budget for spending on SEO tools.


While checking broken links manually for each page on your website can be a time-consuming process.

The benefits of using a broken links finder tool are undeniable. It can save time, improve user experience, and allow businesses to maximize profits from their online presence.


Webseotoolz is a free SEO tool-providing platform. Also, it provides a broken links finder. It is a useful tool for website owners who looking to improve their website's performance and user experience. While using this tool, you can easily identify and fix any broken links on your website. Also, it saves time and effort for you.