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About Backlink Checker

Backlink Checker by is a free tool to see what number of pages and domains link to your website. In only one go you get a great deal of information: what websites link to you; would they say are they quality ones or simply ‘link farms’; do they add to your website rank or rather spoil its believability with harmful links? Discover now!

Type your domain name above and Backlink Checker will show thorough information about links indicating your website.

What is a Backlink?

The links that exist on different websites, however, are indicating to your website are called Backlinks to your website. They are likewise referred to as Inbound links or Incoming Links.

In SEO terms, the more the number Backlinks your website has, the better it is for the rankings. Likewise, the quality of the Backlinks additionally assumes a similar role in improving your rankings in the search engine results pages.

You should think about how? In reality, Backlinks are seen as a kind of recommendation by search engines like Google. Subsequently, a higher amount of backlinks to your website will have a significant affect your search rankings.

Here is the portrayal of the parameters:

Domain Rank

This is the summary rank of your website dependent on the amount and quality of all backlinks. The higher this parameter, the better. Note that this parameter is with respect to different websites. So, on the off chance that you see a Domain Rank of 34, this implies your website rank is higher than 34% of different websites on the Internet.

Trust Rank

Links from reliable and legitimate websites increase your trust rank. Links from spammy or suspicious websites or sites that are punished decrease your trust rank. High trust rank is an unquestionable requirement for higher positions. Once more, this parameter is relative.

Link Rank

This parameter shows the general quality of all backlinks indicating your domain. The parameter takes into consideration trust rank of linking websites, quality of linking pages, the number of other outbound links on linking pages, and other data. The higher Link Rank is, the better.