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About Link Analyzer

Link Analysis Tool:

The link analyzer helps you to decide the ratio between inner links and outgoing links for any domain. Normally, too many outgoing links can be unfortunate for a website's search performance. There are numerous factors, but it's regularly wise to refrain from a huge number of outgoing links compared to inner links.

The tool is particularly useful for researching different websites that link to you since it gives information on the anchor text being utilized just as nofollow tags which can affect the quality of a backlink.

How to utilize the Link Analyzer Tool?

To utilize the link analyzer tool, simply enter any URL in the above input field, and press enter to send request to our system, and our tool will right away visit the live URL on ongoing and will gather the required information from its HTML source code, and after analyzing the information, it will show output in a few seconds. One thing to remember is that our tool will just analyze that URL which you enter here. If you need to look at your whole website, then you will have to enter each different URL one by one to check the internal and external links of those individual pages. Entering the fundamental page URL of your domain won't analyze your entire domain.

What will be the output of the Link Analyzer tool?

The link analyzer tool will demonstrate the following data:

  • Complete Anchor Links of your website page.
  • Internal Links of your website page.
  • External Links of your website page.

When you enter a URL, it will demonstrate you the referenced information above and this information can be utilized to analyze the individual pages of your website. This analysis can help you to instantly check what a number of links are these all together on your page, and this is the similar information which search engines will see when they crawl your pages. Also, to maintain a strategic distance from search engines, this tool will assist you with keeping your external links in the limit you need to keep. Because too much external links also leave a negative effect on your search engine ranking and your overall domain authority because each outbound link you keep on your page without no-follow attribute, passes the link juice to different domains concerning search engine algorithms.

At the point when search engines see any outbound link on your page on which you haven't put a nofollow attribute, search engines expect that those pages are significant in front of you, and their search algorithm unquestionably gives them support while ranking those pages in search against the keywords defined by you as anchor text while including those links in your web page.